Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree

We wanted to have our tree up for December 1st and this was about the only chance we had, so we took it!  We pulled the tree up from downstairs and started to set it up and immediately knew we had a problem... Buddy was completely intrigued and started climbing it!

 We'd pull him out and he'd immediately climb in again.  We tried spraying him with water but it didn't even faze him.  He'd even go down the outside of the tree!  We decided not to put up any ornaments yet and see if he'd get used to the tree and leave it alone.
 He made a cute ornament, but he wasn't very nice when we tried to get him out!
My poor hands are covered in scratches!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

"This is my Lucky Day!"

I got a call from Ben's teacher at school just before lunch telling me that Ben had won the Book Fair draw for $25 worth of books!  She asked if I would like to come help him pick something, so after lunch I headed to the school.  Ben was SO excited when I arrived at his classroom.  He bounce all the way to the door and exclaimed, "This is my lucky day!".  We went in to the book fair and he immediately started looking at what he could get.  I was sure that he'd pick one of the larger Lego books, but I was wrong!  He headed right to this kit where you can make electronic things.  He looked at a few other things, but kept coming back to this.  It was exactly $25 (and something I never would have bought for him). He can hardly wait to start building all the different things it has instructions for... an airplane (go figure), a car, a robot, etc.  

Monday, November 20, 2017

Festival of Lights

We've been attending the Festival of Lights at the Remington Center since it started.  The kids look forward to it every year.  This year we got a bit smarter (lazier) and didn't arrive until it was actually supposed to start (so we weren't standing out in the cold any longer than necessary).  We then stood by the doors instead of by the fires, so that as soon as Santa arrived and the lights turned on, we were some of the first into the building!  We ended up being about 4th in line for the kids to get their pictures taken with Santa Claus!  They moved his location this year and it worked out so much nicer than in the front lobby like other years.

 One of Emma's friends from school and her mom tagged along with us through the museum a bit and they got to play together for a bit.  We didn't want to be out too late with it being a school night, and we also didn't have extra cash for all the other activities, so we headed out by about 7:00pm.

 The kids loved the lights that were set to music this year.  They found the one snowbank and climbed it for a picture.  It was a great night and a fun tradition to continue.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hard Working Hubby

Last night and today while I was with my sisters in Lethbridge, Lennard went gung ho on the bathroom and made huge progress!  He finished priming, painted, layed the flooring (which I love!), and installed the shower head and the toilet! What a guy!  It was so nice to come home to so much work done. We're waiting on a few parts for the vanity and then hopefully we'll have a fully functional bathroom again!  Hooray!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Mr. Mustache Man

We were deep cleaning the kids bedrooms and switching furniture around today and Ben found a sticky mustache.  He was so excited to wear it... and he wore it half the day!  Even when we stopped in to the library!  ha! ha!  He definitely got the comments about it.
 Ben was excited to make a 'project' with Lennard at the hangar.  He has big ideas of what he wants to make, and thankfully, Lennard has some scrap metal and the know how to help him!  I love this picture of them together.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Spoiled Kitty

Buddy has quickly become part of the family.  The kids are still getting used to him and Emma will climb furniture to get away from him when he starts to pounce and get a little too playful.  He can be found on my lap most mornings while I work on stuff and I've been enjoying our quiet times together.

 He can get pretty wild at times.  I came home one day and found Lennard and Buddy like this... such a spoiled kitty!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017

The kids were SO excited to get to wear their costumes to school today.  I was able to go to the school to watch all the students parade around and show off their costumes.
Ben - Power lineman (like his daddy)
 They had a huge assembly in the gym after the parade.  Emma had a hard time with some of the scarier costumes and wanted me near her, so I sat with her class in the gym.  When they started a few dance songs, she wasn't handling the noise and costumes, so I took her out for some quiet time in her classroom.
Cutest little witch!
 Emma had dance in Mountain View after school, so by the time we got back it was time to go trick or treating!  Emma was way too excited to go, so she didn't even stop to get something to eat.
 We surprised the kids and 'dressed up' this year.  They had no idea we had anything until we came out of our bedroom in these silly outfits.  Lennard was a Minion and I was a Care Bear.  The benefit was that they were nice and warm!
Emma and Ben had so much fun running from house to house.  Ben made it most of the night wearing Lennard's climbing harness (so heavy!).  He finally asked if he could take it off and then he had a second wind to keep running!  ha! ha!  They definitely got lots of candy!