Saturday, June 10, 2017

Building on the Plane

Saturday was packed full of 'fun'!  We worked on the plane and got one skin riveted on and the seatbelt anchors installed. Lennard had to climb into the tail a few different times, but it was great to see progress being made. 

 Emma had fun 'building' on some scrap metal and played with the clecos.  Our kids are definitely getting inventive with the hours we spend at the hangar.

We had our ward Youth Days today.  They put on a great lunch for everyone and the kids had fun playing with their friends.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Emptying the Garage

The weather closed in this evening and so soccer was cancelled.  I called my mom for something and she told us we should come out and see what they were doing... so we headed out!

When we got there, the garage was almost empty!  Uncle Barry and Curtis pulled out the last hoist while we were there and the kids had fun helping clean up.

It's so strange to see the garage empty after over 41 years of business there.  We have so many memories linked with this building, but I'm very grateful that my parents are finally going to be able to retire.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Field Trip

A few days ago I got a phone call from Emma's teacher at school.  She said that she didn't know what my schedule was like, but wondered if I would be able to come help at their field trip to the Remington Carriage Museum on Wednesday.  She then said, "Emma said that you're just bored during the day and that you just sit around on the computer waiting for her and Ben to come home."  Ha! Ha!  We both got a good laugh out of our kid's perceptions of what we do when they aren't around.  I agreed to come, and Emma was thrilled to find out that I would be a helper.

There were two Grade 1 classes that went in the morning, so they split the classes up and then each class got split into four groups.  I took Emma's group.  Our first activity was getting to 'build' wagons.  There were four different wagons that we took turns building and trying to beat our times.  Some were quite tricky.  This one was the easiest by far!  
Once we had them built, we had to go into the museum and find 'our' wagon that we'd just built.  Thankfully, ours was an easy one to find!

They then took all of us to each wagon and explained what they were used for.  The kids got some time to just explore after that.
Our next activity was going on a carriage ride.  They took us for quite the ride and the kids loved it.
Then we got to go into the stables and meet one of the horses.  Emma had a bit of a meltdown (only because I was there...) when she didn't get a turn to brush the horse.  I didn't handle it as well as I should have and got very frustrated that she had to put on a show for her entire class.
Unfortunately, they wanted to do a group picture right after that and she didn't want to be in the picture because her 'eyes were red'... She made it into the picture, but only because her teacher went to stand beside her.

Within minutes after this picture she was smiling and happy again.  Oh the drama!  She was still very happy that I'd come with her and was excited that we got to sit together on the bus.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Busy Weekend

The morning came way too early after a late night out with Emma, but we were on our way out to the airport for 7:30am to help with the Fly-In breakfast.  It ended up being a record breaking year and we fed close to 200 people and had between 250-300 people at the event.  They'd had a bbq and a movie the night before too with people camping over, so there were people, cars, tents, and airplanes everywhere!  They had door prizes and draws for airplane/helicopter rides.  They even had Batman come take pictures with kids and skydivers throughout the event.  

 I didn't get a chance to sit down the entire morning and definitely didn't get anything to eat.  We ran out of yogurt within the first hour, sausages shortly after that and eggs about 45 minutes before we ended.  By the end, we had pancakes available and nothing else.  It was nuts!

As we started cleaning up, Roger's boys wanted to ride in Grandpa's airplane... but Lennard had taken someone up for a ride.  They got the next best thing... one of Grandpa's airplanes that they are currently building! (Murphy Rebel).  Emma and Jeffrey loved it.  Liam - not so much!

We finally got home around just before noon.  Lennard ended up with a flat tire on the truck, so we filled it and got home as quickly as possible before it went flat again.

We took a few minutes to relax in the afternoon and then got to go over to James & Dina's place for a brisket and rib dinner that James had smoked all day.  We invited Cody & Shannon to come with us, so it was quite the party.  (We'd bought the dinner at our recent Youth Auction.)  We didn't stay too late as both kids were extremely overtired from their late nights out the night before.  Lennard and I were ready for bed the same time they were!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Father-Son Camp

Ben was SO excited to go to the annual Father-Son camp that our ward puts on.  He informed Lennard that this year he wanted to sleep in a tent!  Lennard tried to talk him out of it... but he was determined.  They packed up their sleeping bags, our small tent and headed out to the SpringGlen campground in the early afternoon.  
 Ben had so much fun playing with all the other boys, roasting hot dogs over the fire for dinner and most of all - sleeping in a tent!  I guess when it was time to go to bed, he turned over to Lennard and requested some stories about Grandma Nichols... so they spent an hour sharing stories.  So sweet.

I love that these two get to have this event every year to spend together.  Ben loves it and so does Lennard (even if he has to sleep in a tent!).

Mommy-Daughter Date

Since the boys were off at their annual Father-Son Camp, Emma and I decided we needed to do something fun too.  We invited Shannon and her girls to go to Lethbridge with us.  We were going to go have a picnic at a park and let the girls play on the playground, but it ended up being a really windy/chillier day.  

 Shannon picked us up about 4:00 and the girls had SO much fun playing in the back seat together on our way to Lethbridge.  They are so silly together!
We stopped at Payless Shoes where Emma got some cute little runners and Shannon's girls got some sandals.  Then we popped over to Costco, got some groceries and sampled as many things as we could.  The girls loved the huge camp chair!
 Burger King ended up being the pick for dinner... because there was a play place for the girls to play in!  While Shannon and I sat and visited they played!  Win, win!
 We then took the girls mini-golfing.  It was interesting trying to play under black lights... the kids had a blast though, so that's all that matters.
 Frozen Yogurt was the next stop.  We each got a bunch of different samples to try.  Yum!
After a stop at Value Village, where Emma stocked up on a dozen new books to read, we finally headed home.  It was almost 10:00pm when we got home!  We had such a fun night though.  It was great having Shannon and her girls with us.  We'll have to make a tradition out of it now!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Game Night

The kids had soccer tonight.  Lennard was tired, so I took them - and froze!  That wind was cold!  It was quite entertaining to watch the kids.  They all wanted to be goalie... and then just played around with the net!  They had lots of fun though, so I guess that's what it's all about.