Monday, February 19, 2018

Family Day

We had such a wonderful Family Day today.  We got the opportunity to attend the temple and do sealings with my parents and four of my siblings and their spouses.  We had two rooms going - one with my parents, Uncle Scott, his daughter Loural and her husband and Mindy & Dan; then the other had us, Shauna & Matt, Melissa & Mike and Roger & Trisha.  It was such a great way to spend the morning.  Both Lennard and I were brought to tears and we sat and listened to the promises and blessings given as couples were sealed together and children were sealed to their parents.  What an incredible opportunity to be able to participate in this work. 

An huge added bonus for the day is when Emma decided that she could handle being with the rest of her cousins out at my parents house (without an adult)!  For her, that is huge!  A number of my nieces and nephews are old enough to babysit, but usually she absolutely refuses to go if there won't be an adult.  Another huge breakthrough was when she went with my brother and his kids this morning instead of us having to drive her out there!  It feels like there just might be a little light at the end of the tunnel!  She did so good all morning too!  She was happy when we got there and she was upbeat about getting to play with her cousins!  Hooray!  Ben is so easy going that I sometimes think I forget to write about him.  He was absolutely fine going and was just glad to get to watch a movie and play with his cousins.  He didn't care how he got there or who was watching him... as long as there was a movie!  ha! ha!

We had a delicious roast beef dinner afterwards and got to sit and visit with everyone that was there.  We didn't stay too long after the dinner, as Lennard wanted to take the chance to plow out the airport while the Town machinery wasn't in use today.  There is SO much snow that it ended up taking him WAY longer than he thought it would take.  It didn't even get completely done in the almost five hours he was out there, but it's better than nothing!

The kids and I had a lazy afternoon and watched a couple movies together.  Emma played with her dolls some of the time and Ben played a few games on the PS4.  It was a perfect 'family' day.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Family Date

We try to take the kids out on a one-on-one date once a month, but with the crazy weather we've had it hasn't been safe to drive at night.  We decided to have a 'family' date instead.  Lennard had gone in to work at 5:00 am to move snow, so he got home just after lunch.  We headed in to Lethbridge to get groceries, but first took the kids mini-golfing and to get frozen yogurt.  It was a good thing we had the place to ourselves because we are not golfers!  It got a little wild, but it was lots of fun!  ha! ha!

Emma loved getting to try all the different kinds of yogurt and toppings, while Ben wanted vanilla... with sprinkles!  What a funny boy.  It was a great day and we were able to get home in the daylight.  Thankfully, the roads were okay, but we're supposed to be getting lots more snow, so I was glad we were able to stock up on some groceries too!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

RS Valentine's Day Dinner

As an Enrichment committee, we decided that since our Relief Society activity night fell on Valentine's Day, that we'd do a dinner for couples!  We thought we might be lucky to get 75-80 people, but when the sign up sheet went around we ended up with over 125 signed up!  It has been a very busy month trying to get everything planned, prepped and set up.  We spent a few hours Tuesday night getting all the tables and chairs set up and the linens and centerpieces put on.  Thankfully, one of our committee members owns a wedding decorating business and she allowed us to use her decor for the dinner!  It doesn't really show much in the picture, but it was really cute.

 All day long today I ran from one thing to another.  It was quite a crazy day!  I ended up getting called to see if I could help out in Ben's class for an hour and, for some reason, I said yes.  I was getting messages while I was at the school for other errands that I needed to do! 

As soon as I was done at the school, I went down to Extra Foods and got more carrots (I was worried that we wouldn't have enough).  I then dropped off more olive oil to Sara who was cooking all the chicken and had run out of oil.  I got home, peeled and chopped the other 10 lbs of carrots that I'd just bought and then took all 40 lbs of carrots over to Shannon's so that she could cook them for us.  She's not on the committee, but was gracious enough to use her double ovens and help out!

I then had to get six pans of rice ready to go in the oven before I got everything else loaded into the van so that I could take it to the church.  Unfortunately, a blizzard had blow in this afternoon, so I ended up having to shovel sidewalks first so that I could unload!  I got everything unloaded and before long we were in the thick of things!  We were trying to keep rice warm in the ovens, while getting the chicken and sauce reheated (while blowing breakers, etc), cutting and heating up the bread, plating desserts, making salads, etc.  It was a zoo!!  Thankfully, some of the sisters arrived early and came in to help!  We just about had a disaster when one of the sisters turned the ovens up and we just about had a fire when the parchment paper on the bread got quite scorched.  We couldn't use some of the bread as it got burnt, but we managed to get enough for each table.

We started only a few minutes late and it went really well!  We had everything in large roasters, so as long as we were careful not to plug two in at the same time, we were okay!  We fed about 130 people and even had enough for people to come get seconds!  We did learn an important lesson about rice... it triples when cooked.  We had LOTS left over!  ha! ha!
 We had a short program after the dinner.  Don Pierson sang, Jill Heninger played a song on the piano and Shawn & Linda Olsen sang.   It was just the right thing to end the evening.
Thankfully, we didn't have to take any of the chairs or tables down since there is a Stake Appreciation dinner tomorrow night (that we get to go to).  Clean up went fairly smoothly.  We'd used real dishes and silverware for the dinner, so we had lots of washing up to do, but we were home before 10:00!  Everyone that talked to me seemed to really enjoy the evening.  I'm grateful so many came out even with the rotten weather.  It made it worth the effort!

Happy Valentine's Day!

The kids were SO excited to give out their homemade Valentine's gifts that they were up and going before 6:00 am!  Emma had bags with candies and little notes for each of us.
Ben's gift from Emma

 Ben gave each of us notes.
 We helped write them for him and he signed his name. (If he'd had more time, he would have written them himself.)

 I love that they were so excited to give each other gifts... and that they thanked each other this way!
Ben decided that he needed to 'dress fancy' for Valentine's day at school.  He's quite the little ladies man!  He sure melts my heart!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sister's Weekend

We'd talked about when we could do a sister's weekend and then all of a sudden a couple of my sisters said that they needed a weekend away this month and if we wanted to tag along we could!  Pretty soon, most of us said that we were in and so an AirBNB was booked in Calgary!  (Rachel and Trisha weren't able to make it and then my mom was too sick to come.)

I left at about 4:00 on Friday afternoon after Lennard got home from work and met Shauna, Melissa and Mindy in Fort Macleod.  We stopped at Tim Horton's for some food and then we were on our way.  We pulled up to the house just about the same time as Nysha!

We had a three bedroom house for the weekend (it only cost each of us $25 for the weekend!).  It was nice to spread out and have space to play.  We pulled out all our junk food and played until the wee hours of the morning!  
I think Shauna won almost every game.

 Saturday morning, we had a lazy morning while everyone got ready for the day.  We got to the Cross Iron Mills mall just before lunch, so we had a quick lunch and then got our shopping on!  I'm not a huge shopper, but it was fun being with my sisters.  I did find some cute clothes for the kids on clearance though... and I bought myself some sneakers!
 About 4:00 we went to see "The Greatest Showman".  I loved the nice recliners at the theatre!  It made for a very nice experience.  Of course the movie was amazing!
 We went out to the Olive Garden for dinner afterwards and gave our server a run for his money... although he gave as good as he got.  It was hilarious.  Lots of laughs and lots of wonderful food!  I ate way too much and ached afterwards!

 I was so tired from staying up so late the night before and all the walking in the mall today that I only made it to about 10:00.  The rest of them played for another 45 minutes or so before they all went to bed too.

Sunday morning we all had to be on the road by 9:00 so we started loading up the van around 8:30ish.  Then we discovered that Nysha's car wouldn't start!  Thank goodness for booster cables... and knowing how to use them!

 It was a great weekend away from 'life'.  Thanks gals!  We'll have to do it again with everyone next time!
 The drive home was quick.  Thankfully the roads were clear and I made it home just a half hour before the kids got home from church! 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Date Night

Ben and I got to go on a date together tonight!  He was SO excited to go out with me and got all dressed up.  He opened every door for me and was quite the gentleman.  We went out to Firestone to eat.
 While we were waiting for our food to arrive, we had fun working on his activity sheet that they gave him.  We also had a great talk together.  He informed me that he has owl eyes... but he can switch them to eagle eyes sometimes.  What a sweet boy.
 I had pork sliders and Ben had a Hawaiian pizza.  The food was great, but the company was even better.  We had so much fun just being together.

We stopped at Value Village afterwards and Ben got to pick out a little bag of toys for a treat.  He got a bunch of pirate stuff... plastic knives, etc.  He thought he'd won the lottery.

We made a quick stop at Costco and got his glasses fixed from his fall on the ice, and thankfully they were able to straighten them up.  There are still scratches on the frames and lens, but they'll still work for now.

Before we left, Lennard told Ben that he had to have me home by 8:00 for my 'curfew'.  He was SO concerned when he figured out that we were going to be 15 minutes late.  Thankfully for him, I gave him permission (as his mom) to be that late with his date.  Too cute.

It was so nice to have some one-on-one time with Ben and get to really focus on him.  I feel so blessed to get to be his mom.

Note:  While we were out on the town, Lennard took Emma to the basketball game!  She had a blast as well and hasn't stopped asking to go again.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday Projects

While Ben was at a friend's birthday party, we went out to the airport.  Lennard worked on the canopy for a while and we got things measured so that he was happy.  While I went to get Ben, Emma decided that she would help Grandma.  She deburred holes and did a really good job!  Mom thought that she would have to redo some of it, but she said that there were only about 3 or 4 holes that she had to touch up.
 Lennard got to start cutting the canopy this afternoon.  He was definitely holding his breath and praying it would go okay.  It's a lot of money to buy a new one!
 The compressor can't keep up, so it was a bit frustrating to stop and start.  He finally got one cut done and decided to call it a night.