Sunday, July 15, 2018

Setting Apart

We had a very special experience on Sunday when each of us got to be set apart as part of the Nauvoo Pageant and as special representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the duration of the pageant.  The bishop then went on to give each of us a blessing with very specific things for us.  It was such a wonderful moment to see how excited Emma and Ben are to go be in the Pageant. 

Ben was told that he would be able to have a sensitivity to the Spirit and that he'd be able to share his testimony by his actions and words.

Emma was told that she'd be able to find ways to be a peacemaker and that she'd be able to meet new people and develop good friendships with them.

I was blessed that my mind will be at ease.  (What a blessing for me at this crazy time of preparation!) I was also told that I'd have an increased degree of patience and endurance.  One point of my blessing that struck me was when I was told that I would have the ability to connect to and feel the connection with ancestors long passed and that I will be able to share testimony with those around me of that connection.  It makes me think about the prompting I had to research my ancestors last month and make a small book about those who were in Nauvoo and in England at the time these pageants are portraying.

Lennard was blessed that he'd be able to anticipate the needs of our family and be able to fulfill them.  He was also told that he would have an increased amount of faith in the priesthood authority and that he'd be able to call upon it when necessary.

It made everything so much more real!  We really are leaving this week and will soon be in the thick of things in Nauvoo.  We have talked about it for so long that it's strange that it's really coming...and soon!  I pray that however things go in Nauvoo that we will be brought closer together as a family and we will have a stronger testimony of this gospel.  What a blessing it is to get to participate in these pageants!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

New Bedding

For the over a year, Emma has been struggling with a lot of anxiety and because of that, she has been waking up in the middle of the night and coming in to our room to sleep in the floor.  Most of that time she would wake us up too, so it's been quite the undertaking getting her to sleep through the night and in her own bed!  We've worked really hard and with lots of help from some outside sources, she finally started sleeping in her bed!  We promised her that if she could stay in her bed all night for 30 nights that we would buy her new bedding... and she finally did it!  Hooray!  

She was SO excited to get her new quilt and sheets... especially because it has her favorite colors... teal and purple!  Good job, Emma.  Keep up the good work!  We sure love you.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Library Program

The big kick off for the Summer Library program was today.  They had so many fun activities for the kids that as soon as we got registered the kids took off and I pretty much didn't see them after that! (They would come check in every once in a while and then take off again).

I had a good visit with Shannon for most of the time.

Ben is anti pictures lately.  He wasn't very happy today anyways... because he finally has a loose tooth!  He was having a hard time eating his hot dog because it hurt.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Candy Parade

Since the Raymond parade was on Monday this year and the kids started swimming lessons that day, the Coaldale Candy Parade was the first parade of the summer for us!  It was a bit warm as we didn't get there early enough to find a place in the shade, but we had lots of fun anyways.
 The kids loved seeing Uncle Roger and his truck all decked out in the parade!  Too bad he'd run out of candy by then!
 The kids ended up with SO much candy!  Yikes!
 We even got a head of lettuce!
After the parade, we all went to Roger & Trisha's place for a potluck picnic.  It was great getting to sit and visit with everyone that was there. 

We weren't able to stay long since we had to get to Mindy & Dan's before they left for their family reunion.  We also had a list of things to do and get for Nauvoo (again).

Friday, July 6, 2018

Beazer Bonding

We got invited back out to Beazer today!  The kids were thrilled (and so was I!).  This time I completely unplugged, put on my swim suit, and enjoyed every minute.  We waded and visited together while the kids rode tubes down the river.  Katie came out for part of the afternoon and then after she left, Payne's and Lennard showed up. Cody brought Gwen (fresh from her super long nap) and got there about the same time as Lennard did.  

We made our way over to the picnic area and I got changed into dry clothes. Lennard had gone and bought us some chicken and spuds for dinner.  Cody did up tin foil dinners for his family and Crystal and Jeremy had all kinds of snacks that all the kids gravitated to!  It was such a perfect night.  We all sat around the fire chatting and Cody even pulled out his guitar and played a bit.  The kids raced around playing and exploring... it was wonderful!
 I can't get enough of little miss Gwen.  What a little dolly!

Ben loves Gwen and had her giggling lots!  It was well after 8:30 when we finally gathered up our stuff and headed home.  What a wonderful night bonding with great friends.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Busy Week

The kids started swimming lessons on Monday, so we've been busy with that every morning.  I've had a few chiropractor appointments, etc.  Anyways, we made a quick trip to Lethbridge to get a few more things organized for Nauvoo and on our way in, I looked in the back and saw our two funny kids.  It made me laugh to see Ben sucking on his water bottle with his feet propped on my seat.  Emma looked completely relaxed stretched out.  Time goes so fast and I want to remember these moments... especially because they weren't fighting (at that moment)!  

 We went out to a new Chinese food place and had a buffet dinner.  It was pretty good food, but too pricey for us to make it a regular occurrence.  When Ben opened his fortune cookie, we all laughed and thought it was appropriate considering our upcoming adventure!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Happy Canada Day

The kids have been asking to go flying for a long time and we finally had a morning with good weather to go!  One of these days we're going to have to get a babysitter so that I can go flying with him again... it's been far too long!

While I was waiting for him, I took a few pictures of the kids.  It wasn't the best lighting, but it was fun to try.

Since Canada Day is on Sunday, the Town had all their celebrations today.  We skipped out of everything this year except the fireworks... and we probably should have skipped them too!  We'd put the kids to bed as usual and then woke them up so we could go down.  It took them forever to wake up and then they were cold because we'd pulled them out of their nice warm beds.  They were almost asleep multiple times while we waited for things to start.  Lennard was working, so we sat with him and had a front row seat.

Happy Canada Day!