Saturday, October 20, 2018

Expanding the Shed

For a few years now, we have looked out at our shed and thought about expanding it.  We'd originally built it so that we could park our tent trailer under half of it, but now that we've upgraded, it's been wasted space.  Wednesday night after Lennard got home from work, we were talking about getting the patio furniture put away before it snows again and I made the comment that we should just expand the shed while the weather was still good.  Well... that comment led to us running down to Home Hardware and buying the lumber we needed!  We knew that we could move the existing wall out to the outside wall, so we got that done Wednesday night! It took a bit of fiddling to make it fit, but it turned out great!

 Thursday, after work, we built the other two walls to close in the shed and got all the OSB put up!

Friday we went in to Lethbridge.  We'd planned to only get groceries and Halloween costumes, but then Lennard decided that we should just side the shed while we were working on it!  We've been planning on siding it ever since we built it!  We managed to get a couple boxes of siding onto the van's roof rack.

Saturday, while the kids were at Champs (basketball), we got the shed wrapped and then we started putting siding up!
It was a bit of messing around to get the j-channel figured out around the window and to get the starter strip as level as possible, but once that was done, we got into a groove and made some good progress! We were babysitting Rachel's kids too this morning, so I'm really happy with what we got done.
We had to quit here so that we could get showered and ready to go to Stake Conference.  We're hoping to get the rest of this side done to the door on Monday night after we get back from piano lessons.
It's going to be SO nice to get stuff out of the garage (ie tires, extra rock and shingles for the house, Tonka trucks, bikes, etc.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Tooth #3

Once again, Ben had a wiggly tooth that he wouldn't let us touch.  He kept complaining that it was hurting, but then he wouldn't let us do anything about it.  Finally, tonight, I asked to just touch it.  It was so loose that it almost just fell forward.  Then Ben started playing with it with his tongue and ended up pushing it out with his tongue!  ha! ha!  What a silly boy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Relief Society Activity

We put on our big craft activity tonight. It's been a busy couple of days!  We set everything up last night and then I was at the church at 1:00 to finish up.  The activity started at 3:00, but not many people showed up until almost dinner time. We had four different kinds of soups that went over really well with everyone.  We did smaller bowls, so everyone could taste as many as they'd like.  

We had lots show up for the cookie decorating class, so that was good!  Breanne did a good job.  I'd hoped to sit in on the class, but I ended up being too busy.

We didn't have as many 'big' projects this year, so we didn't have as many sisters there for the entire time, but I think it went okay.  I'm glad that it's done now though!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

General Conference Weekend and Thanksgiving!

Melissa surprised Mike with a family trip down to General Conference this weekend, so we got to watch Maren for the four days that they were gone.  Emma absolutely loved every single minute of having her here and wanted to do everything for her.  She would get quite upset when I did anything for Maren.  She even got pretty good at changing diapers!  Since it was General Conference, we spent lots of time together in the Family Room watching the broadcast.
 The kids had lots of wiggles... but they found ways to get them out!
 We had a big Thanksgiving feast on today (with lots of turkey for leftovers!)

No one left the table hungry!  It's been a fun weekend.  The kids are now asking when they can have a sibling... guess we'll be borrowing more cousins!  ha! ha!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Day Out

I had to attend another Speech-Language Assistant course this morning in Lethbridge.  I got done at noon and made a quick stop at Costco to get some groceries and then headed home.  I got home just in time to unload everything and turn around to head back in!

Emma had an appointment in Lethbridge this afternoon, so I got her out of school a half hour early.  After her appointment, we did a bunch of errands and got dinner out together at the food court.

 While we were in Lethbridge, Ben was at Cubs!  They made birdhouses and branded them. He was pretty proud of it!  They will be putting them up on Toone's land in a couple weeks.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


We got a pile of snow! Ben was so excited to play in it that he didn't even come in to take his backpack off after school!  He made his own snowman!  I'm glad they enjoy the snow... I like a nice toasty fire with a good book! ha! ha!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Crazy, Busy Days

This month has been non-stop crazy, busy days!  I have worked LOTS, gone on a speech-language assistant course for the school, had appointments for Emma, done temple sealings, had book club, gone to piano lessons and dance lessons, went to back-to-school night, got kids to birthday parties, Activity Days, and Cubs, chaired a RS committee meeting, helped mom and dad pack up their house and been a mom and a wife 24/7.  It's been exhausting!

Thursday, Shauna, Melissa, Mindy and I all helped mom deep clean the house so they're ready for the house to be handed over on Monday.  They leave on their huge cruise on Sunday.  They've got pretty much everything out now.  The grand piano gets moved to Melissa's (until they have a house to put it in again) on Saturday.

Today was great though.  After the kids went to basketball this morning, I got to watch Roger's kids while they went to the temple.  That means I got to get lots and lots of snuggles with Miss Mia for the very first time!  The boys just played with Emma and Ben the whole time so I got my niece to myself.  What a wonderful way to stop and refresh!